Thursday, September 25, 2014

September Happenings

September has been busy with more work at the Final Lines.
We have also had conversations while participating in Project Frontlines.
As we minister, we always run out of materials.  A very favorite is the "You've Been Lied To" booklet from AHA.  If you ever want to provide these, just us know.  They are great for all ages and we give them out at high schools, colleges, political rallies, wherever people gather!

Thursday, August 7, 2014

Crazy Tuesday

This was our last day at the specific killing center before heading home.  We talked to women going in.
 We decorated the sidewalks.
A deathscort walked up to the young girl who wrote on the sidewalk, got right into her face,  "ARE YOU BRAIN DEAD YET?  SHE (meaning the girl's mother) IS GOING TO SUCK YOUR BRAIN OUT!"  
No ma'am, that's what they are doing inside.
Lots of women went in.  Average of 30-50 a day.  A day.  30-50 babies killed everyday at this one clinic.  Some go in with guys. 
 Some carrying babies on the hip.
 And the regular pick-up of babies in boxes occurred.
Then, the chaos began.  Two aborting dads thought their time was better spent in 'counter-protesting' instead of saving their children.  The deathscort gave them materials to make their own signs.  Then gave them badges stating "Keep Abortion Legal."  The dads promised to yell over us whenever we spoke.  They kept that promise. The taller man told us he was Satan.  Ironically, he kept yelling at the women going in that he loved them.  The man in the red hat made a sign that said "God forgives".  He kept telling the women going in  "God forgives you.  You go have that abortion.  God loves you.  He forgives you."  
The other part of his sign read "let he who is without sin cast the first stone".  His would not listen to the rest of the reference that says, "Go and sin no more."  Another quip on the sign "no sin is greater in god eyes."  I told him he was twisting scripture, creating a god to his own liking.  He yelled, screamed, hollered at us for 2 solid hours.  Two solid hours.  He yelled.  And screamed.  And hollered.  Obscenities.  At one point, after we offered help to a women walking by, he called us liars.  "GIVE ME YOUR ***** CAMERA.  MY BABY NEEDS MILK MONEY.  GIVE ME YOUR CAMERA *****.  GIVE ME YOUR***** CAMERA.  GIVE ME YOUR CAMERA*****.  GIVE ME YOUR ***** CAMERA." Fifteen solid minutes of the same mantra.  He got down on his knees.  He followed me on his knees.  His pants fell down.  Several times.  At one point an abortive mother came out and joined them.  She was out of control.  Yelling at us.  Screaming names.  She screamed at us that she was a "Christian."  "Are you calling Joel Osteen and Joyce Meyer liars?"  Ma'am, if they condone what you are doing, then yes.  This woman went nuts jumping up and down and into the street while threatening bodily injury to me with lots of profanity. It always amazes me the profanity these "Christians" use.

God let us minister at this place for a season.  I pray that Christians in the area will see the need to minister to their neighbors.  We were out virtually everyday for 3 weeks.  During the week, there is virtually no Christian witness.  No one out loving their neighbor.  No one out loving the least of these.  No one out trying to save innocent lives.  Houston, wake-up.  Your mission field is in your front yard.

Sunday, July 27, 2014

Final Saturday

This was our last Saturday at this killing center.  The escorts celebrate the murders.
 Houston, this is your neighbor. What are you doing about this abomination?
 A young abolitionist protects her chalking from an escort bent on erasing them.
  Faithful warriors and fellow soldiers.  They encouraged and inspired us.

Friday, July 25, 2014

Another New Helper Today

Blessed to minister with our son today.  This was the first time he was out pleading for lives here.  The escorts watched him today like I have never seen them watch anyone else.  He also learned the fine art of dodging gestures and hurled insults.  Didn't phase him a bit.  Thankful for his strong foundation.  The world needs men who will rise up against the evils of our day and take a stand.
The opposition will usually not enter into conversation.  They drive by and yell obscenities.  They call us names.  Vile names.  They bike by and mock us.  They threaten bodily harm.  We have come to expect it.

'Eduardo' walked around the parking lot today while his woman was inside.  I pleaded with him for probably 20 minutes across the parking lot.  He would just glare at me.  He would turn and walk away.  Then he would come back.  As long as he was within earshot, I kept exhorting.  He went inside.  A little while later there was a car that pulled over to the curb on the street.   "You!  You!"  "Mom, this guy wants you."  It was Eduardo.  He was holding his hand out for information.  There was a woman in the car with him.  I gave him the information and the address of the pregnancy help center and he drove away.  I pray they choose life.
This escort talked with us today about why she chooses to volunteer her time at this killing center.  She is a social worker and tries to help people.  Once they have exited the womb.  Before that, "they are not human". Nothing we could say would convince her otherwise.  However, she did take our only You've Been Lied To
brochure.  "How much did this cost?  Y'all have some expensive stuff you give away."  There is nothing costlier than a life, than a soul, that can be saved.  Pray for her.

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Wet Wednesday

There was a downpour at 4820 this morning, so we headed to different child sacrifice center.  After we had been pleading and exhorting for about an hour, a 'nurse' comes out and tells one of us, "Stand up.  You cannot sit on that rock by the street.  You are on our property and must stand up.  You have to stand up."  Hmmm, if this right-of-way is your property, why are you allowing us on it at all?  "No ma'am.  She is on public property."  The 'nurse' shrugged her shoulders and went back in.  We had been warned that this clinic calls the police a lot.  We were also told they are slow to respond because of the frequency and frivolity of the calls.  About 30 minutes later two police cars turned down the road and drove by us very slowly.  This is what they saw:
Sorry I do not have a better picture.  But you can see the rock to the far left of the bottom pic.
The officers didn't even stop.  Just met at the end of the street and left. 

Only a few took brochures today.

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Just another Tuesday

This is how "Christians" usually react to the Word of God as the enter the killing center.
She comes in around 3:05.  WARNING: language around 4:08

Someone asked me how my day was going.  Well, I've been flipped off too many times to count, I have been called an idiot, stupid, been cussed at, and someone came at me with "I am gonna kick your ***!  Oh, wait, you have a camera, nevermind".
Again, disposing of babies in Houston looks like this:
And the fathers stand around outside, waiting for their children to be murdered.
And some women look like this:
And we share scripture with the escorts.
We handed out more brochures today.  We pleaded.  We exhorted.  We offered help.  We offered hope. We warned them of the consequences of sin and told them of the one true Savior.

I had the opportunity to speak to the abortionist today.  I pleaded with him.  Shared God's Word.  
Did he hear?  You bet.  Did he listen? He went back in and more empty wombs came stumbling out.

I asked one of my daughters, What happened this morning?  "Well, people shot the finger at me.  They cussed at me.  They yelled the f-word at me.  But, the escorts took lots of pictures of me.  I must be beautiful."  You are my child.  You are beautiful, and you bring a beautiful message from our King.